We help restaurants to sell and increase their income. We do this by providing them a facility to create a digital menu, ordering online, and deliver food at the doorstep.

What we do

By using Almenu cafe & Restaurant QR Code Menu Builder, you can easily create non-contact digital menus. Using technology, we are trying to change the way the menu is created and how it works.

We believe that menu-driven companies are missing the growth and success opportunities provided by modern smart menus.

We exist exclusively for small restaurants, cafes, and bars and we are committed to providing them with cost-effective digital menu solutions.

What is important to us

In business and life, the most important and valuable things for us are trust, understanding, and honesty. These are the basis of us to build the company, and the basis for our relationship with customers and each other.

We treat our team and customers as partners. The success of every team member and every customer is our success. We are loyal supporters of permanent personal development, as well as loyal supporters of business and life balance.

We develop our business in a lean spirit through continuous learning and experience to achieve diversification. We get satisfaction from it.

How does Almenu work?

Almenu is designed for your comfort. Follow these 4 super easy steps to update your restaurant menu to a digital version:


Enter the real details about your business in the registration form. Almenu guarantees your privacy by ensuring that your information is completely safe.

Prepare your Digital Menu

Upload your existing menus in PDF format, or use our easy-to-use menu creation service to create new digital menus from scratch.

Download QR code

Just download the QR code that points directly to your menu, no need to download or install any apps.

Print & Display

Print your QR code; hang it on the main wall, put it on the tables, drive-thru, or anywhere it catches the eye of your customers, and you are done.

Almenu is the finest Digital Menu creation app and YES, WE ARE FREE!

 Free to Create, easy to Set up

Use Almenu to create your digital menu and get a downloadable menu QR code immediately. Being able to download and print QR codes is just another luxury; it brings fruitful results for you and your customers. Download the QR code, print it out, and place it in a place that attracts the customer’s attention without any problems.

 Promotes Contactless Engagement with your Customers

Whether you are running a fast-food restaurant, casual coffee shop, or takeaway shop full-time, Almenu can accelerate contactless interactions with customers.

 Makes the Ordering process Super-Easy

Your customers can access the menu immediately without downloading/installing any apps. They only need to scan the QR code to redirect them to an easy-to-use web page with all the menus.