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Stay in Trend by Adapting the Contactless Menu Option for your Restaurant

Upload your recipes from your kitchen to directly your customer’s mobile phones using the digital menu QR code. Contactless menu can be one of the best, safest and easy to order experience for your customers. In fact, 88% restaurant owners have switched their physical menu into the no-touch menu to ensure the contactless dining experience.

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Improving Your Restaurant Menu with Digital QR Code Menu

Add customized menu for orders, setup a payment method, instant menu access for customers & customer reviews option! Everything in 1 Menu QR code! Restaurants are always looking for ways to improve their menus. After all, the menu is one of the most important aspects of the dining experience. It can make or break a

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The Best Reservation System for Restaurants feature image- Almenu
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The Best Reservation System for Restaurants in 2021

A restaurant reservation is an arrangement made by guests in advance to confirm their party table at a specific time. Restaurant reservations can be made through the phone. Restaurant websites, third-party booking websites or apps, in person at the restaurant, or even via SMS.

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What is the POS System for Restaurants feature image - Almenu
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What is the POS System for Restaurants?

POS System for Restaurants can help restaurant owners improve the customer experience and simplify business operations related to sales, cash flow, food inventory, and accounting.

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How to Reduce Food Waste at Restaurants feature image - Almenu
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Food Waste at Restaurants: How to Reduce it?

Food waste accounts for about 20% of materials in landfills, most of which come from restaurants. The Restaurant industry is an essential factor in causing this problem. The Food Waste Reduction Alliance (FWRA) found that 84.3% of unused food in American restaurants eventually becomes waste.

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What fast-food restaurants serve breakfast all day feature image - Almenu
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What fast-food restaurants serve breakfast all day?

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, for a good reason. Fluffy pancakes with syrup, crunchy avocado toast, colorful shakshuka breakfast will make you mouth-watering.

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Which is the best food delivery app feature image- Alemnu
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Which is the best food delivery app?

Nowadays, a food delivery app is a popular way to eat quickly and easily. With this application, you can get the product with just a few clicks. In recent years, food delivery services have become very popular. But during the pandemic, many people have been forbidden to eat out.

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How to Do Restaurant Marketing Feature image - Alemnu
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How to Do Restaurant Marketing?

In today's highly competitive environment, restaurant marketing requires accurate, reliable, and comprehensive customer data. Online and offline marketing campaigns can even use collected data about your actual customers.

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How to create a QR Code for a restaurant Feature image - Alemnu
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How to create a QR Code for a restaurant?

The non-contact menu QR code or the digital menu QR code has penetrated the restaurant and bar industries all over the world. 

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