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The restaurant heater needed to supply hot or warm potable water to showers, restrooms, kitchens, restaurants, sinks, washing machines, etc. As well as other functions in industrial or commercial facilities, including gyms, hotels, schools or hospitals. 
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Want to start sushi restaurant from zero? Or do you need a sample business plan template for a sushi restaurant? If so, I recommend you to read it. The restaurant business has proven to survive the harsh economic conditions worldwide simply because people are always looking for food before thinking about comfort.
Each year there's an important day to celebrate you. Why not celebrate it with style? It is the ideal opportunity to get together with family, friends, and everyone you cherish and have a great evening! From nightclubs to a relaxing brunch with your best friends, you must dress as you would for the occasion.
Suppose you are studying public health and would like to work in a restaurant environment. If want to become a restaurant health inspector, these professionals regularly visit different establishments to evaluate the cleaning of a restaurant to ensure that they comply with state and federal health codes.
If you have a commercial kitchen hood in your restaurant, you are likely to know that you need to clean it regularly. After all, the safety and health of your business depend on it. But what exactly is the restaurant cleaning the hood of the kitchen and why is it necessary?
Running a restaurant is hard work, but there are some commercial kitchen cleaning techniques that can ease the burden. Maintaining your foodservice kitchen is obviously a top priority. After all, a completely dirty restaurant will quickly end business, but so will a messy and unclean restaurant. Follow some simple commercial kitchen cleaning protocols to keep your customers happy and keep your employees healthy.
If you are a restaurant owner, the safety of your restaurant should be your real concern. After busy daily life, people go to the restaurant to spend quality time with family and friends. All they want is food and peace! For obvious reasons, the security guards of the restaurant have become a status symbol.
A restaurant reservation is an arrangement made by guests in advance to confirm their party table at a specific time. Restaurant reservations can be made through the phone. Restaurant websites, third-party booking websites or apps, in person at the restaurant, or even via SMS.
POS System for Restaurants can help restaurant owners improve the customer experience and simplify business operations related to sales, cash flow, food inventory, and accounting.
Food waste accounts for about 20% of materials in landfills, most of which come from restaurants. The Restaurant industry is an essential factor in causing this problem. The Food Waste Reduction Alliance (FWRA) found that 84.3% of unused food in American restaurants eventually becomes waste.
The job of a restaurant manager is not the average of nine to five. If you already hold an administrative position and are looking for a new job, you know this. But maybe you are a waiter, waiter, or chef, and you want to fill a restaurant management position. It's excellent; you will crush it.
The restaurant business plan should always start with an executive summary. The executive summary is an introduction to your business plan and an overview of the entire idea.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, for a good reason. Fluffy pancakes with syrup, crunchy avocado toast, colorful shakshuka breakfast will make you mouth-watering.
You want to find a good food delivery service that is open now in your location. You can find and order food online from nearby delivery restaurants here, use the following to locate the drop-off location closest to your current location, click to view the map in full screen. Eat more takeaways, even if COVID-19 restrictions begin to lift.
Nowadays, a food delivery app is a popular way to eat quickly and easily. With this application, you can get the product with just a few clicks. In recent years, food delivery services have become very popular. But during the pandemic, many people have been forbidden to eat out.
In today's highly competitive environment, restaurant marketing requires accurate, reliable, and comprehensive customer data. Online and offline marketing campaigns can even use collected data about your actual customers.
The non-contact menu QR code or the digital menu QR code has penetrated the restaurant and bar industries all over the world.